Up to 48 bar

under Internal Pressure Test

Up to 48 bar

under Bending Test

Up to 10,000 N

under Tensile Test

    • Water pressure from our water tap is usually at 2-5 bar. However, in order to be rated to PN 16 (16 bar), our fittings need to be tested at 48 bar for 1 hour without leakage. (Note : 1 bar = 14.5 psi)
    • Original form of PP resin is in GRANULAR shape, while recycled/reworked PP materials are in PELLET form. Fittings used for pressurized water are not advisable to be made by recycled materials.
    • BS 5114 standard requires up to 3 times of nominated pressure for IPT and Bending Test, while ISO 14236 only requires 2.5 times for IPT and 1.8 times for Bending Test.
    • PP Compression Fittings in black which contain Carbon Black is the best choice of Compression Fittings for long term use under direct sunlight and UV exposure condition.
    • PP Compression Fittings are very SAFE to be used in drinking water pipeline as it does not require any adhesive or chemical solvent in the installation.


Certified to BS 5114 standard

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